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♥ Wednesday, March 25, 2009
8:07 AM

I NEED a longgggggggg break..
N i WANT to go on a holiday to somewhere far awayyyyyyyyyy..


♥ Monday, February 16, 2009
3:07 AM

Back back back once agn after a long hiatus:))
Well school resumes tmr n a busy bee i wld be...There goes my shopping sprees, beauty sleep, outing wit my precious fly n dearie frens, ahhh my social life wld be so mundane for the next few mths at least...Ahhh nvm nvm i shall endure, juz one and a half year to go...time wld fly by in a wink of an eye and before i noe it i wld be a graduate..Yeah:)))
N i juz wish i cld fast forward my life in 5 yrs time...I really wana noe wat wld i be doing then n how diff my life wld be from now....
Pardon me but im in one of my paranoid moments n i really duno yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... I need answers to the many qns that is running thru my mind, n the only person that cld give me the answers is GOD...
So plz my almighty drop me hints n assure me n answer all my qns....Hahahaa but whateva it is i'm sure u wld bless me with best and nothing less...
But u noe at times this paranoial feeling n thoughts get the better of me...Well dun really feel like confiding in anyone besides God cuz he noes me the best..So yeah shall wait till he ans all the qnsss:)))
N for those sweethearts who are reading this , dun worry im not into any depression or watsoeva ..Hahaha im PERFECTLY fine but im juz puzzled over certain things datz all..So yeah haf a great weekend all n hope u all had a great Valentine's Day like how i enjoyed mine:))
Wld blog weneva i get the time next..Toodles:)

N this is the result of my absolute boredom-ness.:P


♥ Sunday, February 1, 2009
11:18 PM

I haven been blogging for the longest time ever.. Not dat im very busy or wat juz dat purely lazy to do so..Hahaha anyways now dat i haf some time to kill shall blog whatever dat comes to my mind which means dis is goin to be another random entry..

Well i shall start of with announcing to everyone that i haf gotten myself a new HP..Hahah though i totally din plan to buy a hp anytym soon but the circumstance had lead me into buying a new hp..My previous precious phone dropped n broke into pieces..Sobs:(
N to the suprise of my fly n even me i haf gotten myself a sony ericsson C902 hp, i was such a ardent fan of Nokia but i guess some people's influence were greater so yeah..Well im still gettin used to a Sony ericsson hp, it's not as bad as i tot is was..But 1 thing i cnt deny is dat i still prefer Nokia's camera...Though my current hp's camera is 5 megapixel vs my nokia 5610's camera which was only 3.2 megapixels..I still feel dat nokia's camera was wayyy better..Believe it anot i haf only taken like 3 pics since buying the phone which is NOT me..Haiz oh well but on a happier note, i haf gotten myself a new hp n m loving it:))

Hmm oh n im going on night today with my 2 lovelies, wat can get better than doing nite shifts wit ur buddies..Luking forward to a peaceful 3 nights ahead:)

N i haf yet to upload pics on my latest getaway with the fly which was on the 17 & 18 Jan..Went to Batam agn but this with the familyloves...N not forgettin the superbly gd massage, wld upload the pics either on friendsta or Fb weneva i get the time that is...

Alrights then im off to get a lil nap...Haf a great week ahead all n tke cre:))

PS: I miss all ur daily rantings n rumblings, be back soon safe & sound :)


♥ Saturday, January 10, 2009
6:24 AM

Well this is officially my first post for 2009.. Wasn't really intending to update till i realised dat i haf an avid fan of my blog..Hahah n dat's none other than Nisa:)) So i shall update on the lil happenings in my life thus far, enjoy reading babe:))

Well i began this new year in the midst of my patients..Yesh was on nite duty from the 31st till 3rd of Jan..So i had to count down in my ward with four of my other colleagues n thank god at least fiqa was wit me..N i din feel dat horrible after all.. N the best part was we cld see the fireworks from one of the cubicles.. At least dat helped get us in the new year mood while all others were happily partying the new year away...Well fiqa n i promised dat we wld countdown for 2010 together again but def not goin to be in the ward agn..N believe it anot we actually already put up our request for a PH on 01012010...Hahaha:)

Well school wld resume soon in Feb so i better cherish n spend all my spare time wisely with all my loved ones cuz once sch starts i wld def be filled to the brim balancing btw work n school.. So all my loved ones quick date me before feb ok? hehe

Hmm well the sister's b'dae is next week n the fly is planning for a mini getaway to either to Batam or Cameron Highlands' over next weekend:))

So yeah at least there is something exciting to luk forward next weekend... :)

Oh n as of late my shoulders has been such a torture..Blame it on the super heavy working load n super heavy pts..Been having very painful stiff shoulders..

Even massages dun seem to help, haf applied the cool patch n hope it wld betta by tmr or mite considering goin for x-ray if the pain persists...:(
It cld be quite worrying wen some of my colleagues had to undergo ops cuz of this shoulder pains...keeping my fingers crossed dat mine wld not be a chronic prob n wld resolve real soon..

Ok i guess dats all for now, n i juz realised dat i haf been blogging abt totally random stuffs..Hope dis post dis bore u guys...
Haha ok then hope u guys wld haf a great weekend n tke cre all:))

Ps: N now it feels all diff n guess maybe im ready now:)))
Luking forward to an awesome 2009 :)


♥ Tuesday, December 30, 2008
10:43 PM

How time flies, today wld be the last dae of 2008...Significant dae to blog rites..Hahaha been long since i last blogged..N all the pics dat i promised to upload im so sowie dun tink haf the tym to do so here..Those who are in my friendster or facebook list cld check up the pics there:)

Well 2008 has been rather a wonderful year despite it starting off quite badly but it's definitely ending the way i want it to be:))

I believe everthing dat happened did happen for a reason n it was such a blessing in disguise:)

I did new things. I met up with alot of beautiful new people. I went to new places. I learnt a lot more about myself. I learnt a lot more about others. I learnt a lot more about the world. I found happiness , in least expected ways. In my friends, in my loved ones.

I made sure I only did things I liked and enjoyed.People made me feel good about myself. Made me feel special. Made me feel absolutely loved..Wat more cld i ask for..

I haf got to thank God for all the blessings and guidiance..N now i'm luking forward 2009..I believe it wld be a even more wonderful n fabulous year full of happiness, peace n love:))

N before i end this post i wish everyone out there a very Happy New Year 2009..May all of ur wishes come true, be happy all year round & be in the best of health...Tke cre all n haf a blast..

Shall be back to blog again next year..Hahah:)))

Welcome 2009:))))))))))


♥ Friday, November 28, 2008
6:38 AM

Yeah juz back from my much anticipated short getaway hours agooo:))

It was such a GREAT getaway i shd sae..Niwae i went to Batam n the spa retreat was like WOW..Seriously i din expect it to be this good, i really had alots of fun and the much deserved relaxation dat i craved for the past mths..

It's a place i wld highly n strongly recommend all who wants a short n relaxing getaway which doesn't burn a hole in ur pockets...And those who loves massages n spas,It wld be a heaven to u..And it wld also make a very gd romantic setting n so it wld be a great retreat for couples..Hahah esp the Harris Resort's Cabbana n their spa packages, i feel it wld be the perfect setting to celebrate anniversaries...:)))
The staff over at Harris are so friendly n cheerful n their theme colour so happened to be orange..So everywhere was bright n vibrant:))

Ok so i shall blog abt the main things dat i did at Batam over the 2 days:

DAY 1:
Took the 9.20 ferry to Batam, camwhored quite abit in the ferry n oh ya speaking of cameras..My bestie brought her camera where her batt was totally flat n i the other smart one 4got to brg my camera charger..Lol but thank got my camera din die on me till the end of the trip..Phew ok moving on reached Batam then we got picked up by the Harris Staff n taadaa we were at Harris Resorts..
And the weird but best part was one of the staff over at the reception brought us up to our stipulated hotel room, then suddenly out of the blue he asked do u want to see our cabannas? If u like it then i can upgrade ur room to it FOC..Hahaha n the cabanna was soooo gorgeous, n who wld sae no to a better place n for FOC rite..So we immediately said ok n enjoyed the luxurious cabanna...How much luckier we cld get rite, hmm but i reckon maybe cuz the cabanna was free on weekends n datz y he came up with offer i guess..N if u pple go there u shd def stay at the cabanna, it's really very comfy n romantic i shd sae:)))

So yeah then left our lugguage n went over to Nagoya- the biggest shopping centre in Batam...Well nothing much to shop there but their tidbits n keropoks were a gd buy...Oh ya there was A&W , so those s'preans are craving for it cld go over there n feast..Then me n my bestie walked ard abit n decided we shd go for a pedicure, it was so cheap there..ONly $10 for a classic pedi which is a very gd deal:))

Then we headed back to resort n went for our 3 hour spa retreat which was soooooooooooo gddddd...Satisfaction guaranteed..Our package consisted of aromatherapy massage, head/neck/shoulder massage, hot stone massage, foot reflexology, herbal scrub n jacuzzi..It was so heavenly, totally wat i needed...N i totally enjoyed myself lal, felt so elated..Ahh it was such a blissful feeling..I wld definitely go back there agn seriously i wld gif em 5 thumbs up:))

Then went back to the cabanna for a shower, went for dinner n then to the bar since i badly wanted to try magarita..Tried the mango magarita n it so sucked..I was practically gaggin while trying hard to get in down my throat, yucks it tasted horrible..Luckily tien helped me to finish it up..Thanx alot tien:))) then headed back sonce we both wanted to watch the last episode of Project Runway..N dat summed up my day 1:)

DAY 2:
Woke up around 8.30 am, n it felt so weird la..I had a feeling lyk i slept for sooooo long but it act ard 8 hours only..But wen i woke up it felt like i slept like for the whole day, hmmm probably i felt dat way due to the splendid massage i guess Lol..Ahh tinking of the massage makes me wana go there agn NOW la...haha so anyways after our breakfast walkied ard abit packed our stuffs , checked out but still had to kill time till 4pm..So decided to go for our complimentary foot reflexology where my feet got pampered again :))
Then camwhored abit more by the poolside n the gym..Had our late lunch n headed back to Spore..:)

It was a short trip but totally a blissful n relishing one...I wld definitely go there agn with my fly n loved one..Seriously i wld def recommend it to everyone...I wld post all the pics in the next post ok...Oh n my exam results are out did fairly well i shd sae...At least like wat vel said not bad for a start, wld work much harder for the upcoming sems:)))

Well dats all for now...Have a great weekend ahead pple n enjoy shopping for Xmas...All the festives are ard the corner..N dat calls for a celebraton n i can't wait for 2009 to come alg..Alot of good things r awaiting i reckon:))))

Tke cre all:)))


♥ Saturday, November 8, 2008
8:06 PM

I haf gotta admit dat this year B'dae was a blast..I was filled ard with soooo many sweet pple ard who totally made my this year b'dae a memorable one:))
Celebrations started out right from the eve of my b'dae when my bestie n i went out:)
Since she long wanted to take me to Max Brenner for the sinful chocolate delights, she decided to do so on dat dae:))
N oh my the waffle there is heavenly, n for those crazy choc lovers, it's a place u shd not miss..N for ur info it is located at esplanade..It's a MUST try:))
Then walked ard abit n suddenly saw the S'pore flyer rite in front n i soooo wanted to try it..N then my bestie being the sweet one decided to make my wish come true..N taadaa i went on the flyer...Hahahah:)))
Though it was quite scary when we reached the peak, but the scenery was nice though both us agreed u wld get to see more detailed stuffs in the day..But all in all i totally enjoyed the experience:))))
Then went back home to ard 9 oddish to get some well deserved sleep since i was almost sleepless the past entire week due to presentations..But din realise that my precious ones had a midnight suprise for me..Hahahah :)
Must sae i totally din see it coming since ALL of u put up such a nice act..Lol:P
Well sharp 12 vel called n wished me, n when asked where he was , he replied outside with a fren..Then followed by malar wished me n said hey i left a present at ur studyroom table, Go n see now..
Hahah n naturally i walked out of my mum's room n realised that my studyroom door was closed..So yeah went to open it n taadaaa Vel n malar were in there with a cake in their hands n wishing me Happy B'dae aloud together with mummy, sisters,mary n thish..Hahahah was so caught off guard la but still it was such an amazing feeling:)))

N i taught dat was all but i had another mega suprise part two on the next day..Where they plannes a suprise b'dae party at Semb park...Ahhh i was superduper touched by all the efforts by everyone seriously...The pains dat they took to keep it suprise n not allowing me to suspect anythg...All the decos they had to put up...all the preplannings..I felt sooo loved ..Thank u ALL SO much for the wishes, presents n suprises..I mean EVERY single one of u pple made my day, it cld be haf been juz a simple wish, but dat is enuff to show me dat u pple took the effort to remember..N the thought is wat dat counts n esp so for me:))

N i tot i need mention a few of the sweet pple n thank em for all their extra efforts:)

1) My Parents- Thank U both so much for playing along to keep it as a suprise. For dad to drive me to the temple in the morn though u were so tired post nite..Mummy for helping prepare all the dishes..N lastly, for the costly gift:)) I love u both so SO so much..:)

2) The Sisters- The main organisers of the entire event, i totally appreciate all the efforts u haf put in n all the money u both haf spent...From the bottom of my heart THANK u so much kiki n pipi..Love u both to bits n turely haf proved how blessed im to get u both as sisters:)

3) The bestie Tien- Thank u so much for all the treats u gave me in one day n taking me to the Flyer...:)) U totally made the eve of my b'dae a super memorable one..N we shall be frens forever..Love u di n im so luking forward for our batam trip:))

4) Vel - I tot it was so sweet of u to remember what i really loved n to get dat for me as a b'dae present n the card was so gorgeous:)) Thank u so much for cuming all the way at 12 am juz to suprise me n all the preplannings u did with my sisters..I totally appreciate it doink n thank u so much for making my this yr B'dae a memorable one:)))

5)Malar - For all the drama u had to put up to see me suprised..For taking the trouble to come down at 12 am despite ur mum being sick..N for all the preplannings u did with pipi n kiki..Thank u so much my dearest..i love u Muacks:))

6)Syafiqah - I haf known u for only 6 mths but babe im so suprised with the great chemistry dat we share n THANK u so much for the gorgeous chain..I mean till now i duno how on earth did u get me the same exact chain dat i so badly wanted mths ago..Hahaha chemistry indeed..Thank u so many the much my dearest..Muacks:)

7) To Everyone else for ur Wishes & Presents..Thank u all SO much from the bottom of my heart:))

Ps: The rest of the pics wld be uploaded on Frensta due to the time constraint..:))