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♥ Tuesday, September 30, 2008
7:57 AM

Haiz i juz duno watz up with my immune system these days...It had been less then a mth where i was down wit a bad URTI alg with fever n yesterday was down wit it again...:(
This time with no pre-warning signs at all, juz felt that nose was runny n least did i knew i was already running a temp..Grr n not wanting to take a MC, decided to drag myself to work but it was such a bad decision...
Had a temp of 38.5 n practically was floating around..Head was soo heavy, felt lyk wanting to faint, nose didn't stop leaking n to add to my already weak condition was admissions with super long changes n uncooperative patients who wanted to climb out of bed , iv plugs keep getting blocked, patient who refused nebs when she was supposed to have it STRICTLY n since there was no Nic i was also the one to give my own IVs..So all in all a super shitty day n din noe why of all the days time seemed to pass super slowly yesterday, i juz clnd't wait for it to strike 9.30, so dat i quickly cld get out of the place n get the required medical attention n juz drop flat on my bed....Well well thank god someone sweet came to fetch me after work, thank u SO much for all the times where u came to fetch me after work n esp those times where i was not feeling well :))
So now im on a day MC,feeling much better n hope the fever dun spike up again..Enuff is enuff wldn't wana fall sick at least for the next 6 mths plsss..Haha n there i have a pending assignment n an exam next week..N i haf not started a SINGLE thing...Arghhhh procrastinated enuff i guess ok shall go n start studying..Tke cre all n advance SELAMAT HARI RAYA wishes to all my muslim friends n to all the muslims out there:))

Ps: Decided to not upload kiki's bbq pics here, very lazy but wld do so in my frensta in a couple of days :)


♥ Saturday, September 27, 2008
11:20 PM

Back back well i promised to come bck wit kikilove's b'dae updates...Dun haf dat much time on hand to blog in great detail , so shall juz summarise n then u guys ken feast on the pics hahhaa..N for those who needs a detailed update on her b'dae, visit kiki's blog ok..Hahah :P

Anyways on the eve of her b'dae at ard 11.30pm a group of sweetharts gathered under the block to gif kiki a midnight b'dae suprise..Hahaha n dat sister of mine juz doesn't noe how to gif dat suprised look la..She was lyk so normal , anyways she is a gal wit little reactions n not as drama as pipi n me..Oh n i wld also lyk to take this opportunity to thank all the people who came down so late juz to make the suprise possible..a big THANK you to each n every sweethart:)))

So then on her b'dae we went out for a family dinner at Gayatris', got aadmit the food was good..N if anyone is craving for some good indian authenic food, shd seriously go there..Two thumbs up for the food there:)))

N lastly we decided to give her a suprise bbq party which actually din turn out to be a suprise in the end..Hahah thanks to the mummyloves of mine, she was talking abt the bbq so loudly over the phone dat my sis overheard the entire conversation la..Haizzz but nevertheless i guess she was super touched wit all the efforts dat we put up for the bbq, actually kiki u batter be touched...Hahaha:P
So yeah kiki's b'dae celebrations finally ended n i haf to seriously get back to my assignments, n im havin my exam in two weeks time..Wish me luck everyone:))

Ok then all ya pple haf a great week ahead:))

P.s: Pics for kiki's bbq celebrations cuming up next....:)


♥ Tuesday, September 16, 2008
9:45 AM

Back after a long haitus, blame it on my assignment:(
I haf got loads to blog on but shall do it one by one ok..For now shall blog abt the outing with the colleagues to Geylang..It was soooo fun n was a great opportunity to bond with em besides the ol 'boring workplace..
Though i was literally half dead after all the walking n shopping, i muz admit dat the food was good n made the wait worth..
N for once i felt lyk a muslim, had the delicious food rite infront of my eyes n yet cnt touch it as we had to buka puasa together wit the other malay friends..
hahaha dat was so freakin hard la n many a times i was tempted to eat ...LOl
Ok n as usual i shall let the pics do the talking..
Tke cre all n haf a great week ahead:)

Janey n me:)
The gang:)
Us with Dr.Ramesh:)
Fiqa babe n me:)
Jane dearest n me once agn:)
Tini the one who gives me the secret bike rides..LOL
We had to kill time while waiting:P
Hahaha the classic pic:)
The "hamburger" pose (inside joke)
Wanie sweets n me:)

Gaya3 darls n me:)

Food glorious food

The entire gang:)

Models in the making..hehe:P

Ps: Next up kikiloves B'dae picsss..Stay tuned LOL:P