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♥ Saturday, June 28, 2008
11:26 PM

The super ex topshop dress

Wit the bestie at Borders:)
The reunion after TEN years:)
Usha darls n Me:)

Foolin ard at Swensens:)


11:18 PM

Hmm actually i haf alots to blog abt..But everytym i keep procrastinating to blog dat now i feel lyk i dun haf much to blog abt..

Anyways i haf been having very gd bonding sessions wit my friends..One whom i haf not met for TEN long years n the wit the bestie whom i have not met for a while..Haha n i tink im blessed wit really gd friend sall ard me...All are angels in disguise n thank u lord for dat:))

Well i guess i wld juz post the pics later so dat i wun haf to go into exact details on how we spent the day..Anywyas after much complaints on how small the entry space is, i mite consider changin my blogskin soon, haha n dat depends on my siisy preya cuz she wld be the one who wld be helping to change it,Hahah i noe i ken be a total dumb at times:P
Okay guess i wld leave now, im on night for the next 3 days n i pray dat i wld haf peaceful three nights wit no admissions, less Ivs n hypocounts, no collapses, no EVDs n trachys..Hahah ok i noe it's impossible but it's juz a wishhhhh..Tc all:))


♥ Wednesday, June 25, 2008
8:20 AM

I got nothing significant to blog abt, so decided to share wit u pple sum of my fav quotes n some dat had kept me going weneva im down..So enjoy reading em n hope it's useful to some..Tc: all))


♥ Wednesday, June 18, 2008
11:10 AM

Hey i'm back..Not feeling slping at this wee hour so decided i shall blog n maybe i mite feelslpy sonn after..Anyway nothin much to blog abt except for the fact dat i was audited yesterday..Sharks i was so praying hard dat i shd not be but guess was not dat lucky enuff...All this preps for the JCI audit on Aug is juz stressing us up..
Anyway thank god the auditor who aidted me was very nice n made me feel bery comfortable, n i managed to ans all her qns:))
N yesh we passed , haha was so relieved to noe so, i wld haf felt so guilty if we had failed the audit..Hmm i guess dats all i haf got for now, wld be back wit updates real soon..
Tke cre all:))

P.S. Things seem to be so much diff now..N it feels all better:))


♥ Saturday, June 14, 2008
9:31 AM

So here it comes once again - HAPPY FATHER"S DAY :))

Well wat ken i sae when i 'm blessed with the WORLD"S BEST DAD:))

Words ken neva describe the love i haf for him, i juz love him for everything dat he has done for me from the day i was born..N a million thanx wld neva be enuff for the things he haf done for me:))

Daddy though i noe u wld neva chance upon this but still juz wana tell u that i love u n mummy more than anythg in this world..In fact i treasure both of em more than myself:))

Well dad thanx for all the limitless sacrifices, the car rides back home aft work, the massages weneva my legs ache, the sweet morn kisses, the hugs, buying me the things dat i ask, for the suprises,the advices, n yeah the naggins for shopping alot, for feeding me the meds when i was too ill to take it myself n for many more other things which i mite haf forgotten..

A BIG thank u n i wld love u till my last breath daddy..Muacks:)))


9:19 AM

Well don't really feel lyk typing a long entry..So i wld juz keep it short n sweet..
Tmr is my DO, yesh after wat seems eons i finally haf a DO on a sun :))
Well managed to catch a movie earlier juz now, well all i ken sae dat the movie really helped to reinforce to me dat things dat occurs in ur life really happens for a REASON..N for whateva reason dat thing happened to me, i'm sure god had a very valid reason for dat..So i'm not gona to kip braggin abt it..I wld juz stop resisting n go wid the flow, n thank god for blessing me with all the sweet people ard me n esp my FAMILY..
Seriously, i cldn't get a better family than mine n for that i can't thank God enuff :)
Orites then wana go get sum slp, so tke cre all n haf a great weekend:))
P.s: If there is one word to describe u, dat wld be IMMATURE n for dat i shall advise u to pls GROW up ..Grrr!!!


♥ Monday, June 9, 2008
8:28 AM

Ok backo as promised..Hmm well have been hafin loads of fun during my off days:))

So on fri evening, got to mit the cousin n went for the most awaited movie- Sex and the city..Hmm i shall not into the details of the movie as sum mite not haf watched it yet, but i seriously feel that the movie shd be R21 wit all those expicit scenes..Hmm but the storyline was nice abt love, life..But overall i liked the movie minus those gross scenes..

Then on Sat, decided to head to JB n it was SO FUN..Felt dat the Day off was spent in such a enjoyable n worthy manner:))
But it felt more like a n eating tour, we practically ate non stop..
Started at the indian restaurant wit rice, chicken,mutton,eggs,tahu,maggi goreng then headed over to Coffeebean n then ate cheesecake,brownie,my all time fav pure choc iceblend n then walked ard for abit n decided we shall feast agn, so headed over to Seasons aka swensens n ate egg crossiant,tuna baguette,cream of chicken,ice-cream..N if u think it ended there NOPE it din, came back to S"pore n felt a lil hungry then we ate prata n maggi soup...So c wasn't it an eating tour??

Haha nevertheless we had loads of fun..:))

N i seriously wana go for a holiday, dun mind even if it's for 3 days but juz wana haf a getaway..hmm wld work on dat soon..
Okay then shall cum back wit more updates soon, till then tc all n haf a great week ahead..

P.S i haf to slog all the way till sunday till i get my DO, ken we haf more DOs in a wk..Iwish, i wish n i wish!!

Spot the mistake!

A kiss dat turned out to be a sniff..
The fantastic four:)
Haha being bullied!

With the cousin bro Jiten:)


♥ Friday, June 6, 2008
8:56 PM

Yeah finally a NEW blogsin:)))

Actually im rushing off sumwhere now, but juz cldn't resist blogging a lil , now dat i've got a new blogskin:)

Ok shall run for now, but wld cum back later for more updates..

Tc all:))