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♥ Tuesday, November 27, 2007
6:23 AM

It just dawned on me that I haven't updated close to 3 weeks now... Pretty long a hiatus no? Whilst I'm still caught in the mundanity of things as usual...Anyway now dat i finally found some time, shall upload some pics wich was taken during deepavali..N till my next post whenever dats going to be, take care all:)))

The gorgeous ladies:)

My breath, my hearbeat, my EVERYTHING!

Pardon my hair:P

My sissy n her fwens:))

The brats..!

Me n kiki in the morn of deepavali:)

Before headin to the temple:)

The gorgeous sistas:)

My heartbeat, the one i can neva do without..)

The only man in the family...:)

Good luks indeed runs in the family..My two neices :)

The sistas:))

My family with my cousins at my aunt's lace:)

In the morn of diwali:))


At swensens for our monthly affair:))


In the evening of Diwali before we go visiting:))

My young n handsome dad:))