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♥ Sunday, April 27, 2008
11:59 PM

FIRSTLy, all my pics got deleted ..
SECONDLY, luk at my previous post........

GAHHHHHHHHHH today is juz not the day to blog........

SuperDuper PISSEDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:46 PM

Argh i hate dis.....I juz uploaded so many pics n it juz got deleted...Ahhhhhhhhh

This is so irritating..

Ok so i guess i'm not uploading anypics today, shall do it when i haf the tym next..
Anyways nothing interesting to blog abt bcuz of the fact dat work takes up90 % of my time n i'm left with only 10% to do all the other tings dat i want:((

I mean sumtyms after work all i wana do is go hm n haf a gd slppppppp but if i do so then i duno when wld i get to spend tym with my loved ones..So i wld sacrifice my rest time n go out, n at the end of the dat i wld be so dead beat...Hmm i guess this is wat all nurses wld feel- NO LIFE!!

N tokin abt work, it's juz gettin busier day by day...With all the overflow admissions my god!!

U admit a patient today, do all the NAR, the long list of changes n then the next day the pt gets discharged or transfered..How frustrating!!!!

N blood transfusions seem to be the IN ting now, almost all patients are on blood transfusions, everythg from FFPs to PCt to platelets, n all this for juz ONE pt...Haiz sumone plz kidnap me n brg me for a holidayyyyyyyyy!!!!!

Ok enuff of me braggin, goin to get sum rest, im on nite for the next 3 days:((

Tke cre all:))

♥ Wednesday, April 23, 2008
8:02 AM

Yesh Finally i'm back after dat superrrrrrr longggggggggg hiatus...

Well i have so many things to blog about eva since feb till now, alot of things have happened but guess i dun have enuff time to backdate on all the events..

So wat i haf decided is to start to blog religiously as often as poss from now onwards..

N hope i wld stick to dat decision..Haha well for now life is gd but it cld be better..

Well i wld juz be patient n wait for the certain things dat i want to achieve in my life..

Ok i guess dats all for now, wld blog soon :))

Tke cre all :))