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♥ Monday, February 16, 2009
3:07 AM

Back back back once agn after a long hiatus:))
Well school resumes tmr n a busy bee i wld be...There goes my shopping sprees, beauty sleep, outing wit my precious fly n dearie frens, ahhh my social life wld be so mundane for the next few mths at least...Ahhh nvm nvm i shall endure, juz one and a half year to go...time wld fly by in a wink of an eye and before i noe it i wld be a graduate..Yeah:)))
N i juz wish i cld fast forward my life in 5 yrs time...I really wana noe wat wld i be doing then n how diff my life wld be from now....
Pardon me but im in one of my paranoid moments n i really duno yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... I need answers to the many qns that is running thru my mind, n the only person that cld give me the answers is GOD...
So plz my almighty drop me hints n assure me n answer all my qns....Hahahaa but whateva it is i'm sure u wld bless me with best and nothing less...
But u noe at times this paranoial feeling n thoughts get the better of me...Well dun really feel like confiding in anyone besides God cuz he noes me the best..So yeah shall wait till he ans all the qnsss:)))
N for those sweethearts who are reading this , dun worry im not into any depression or watsoeva ..Hahaha im PERFECTLY fine but im juz puzzled over certain things datz all..So yeah haf a great weekend all n hope u all had a great Valentine's Day like how i enjoyed mine:))
Wld blog weneva i get the time next..Toodles:)

N this is the result of my absolute boredom-ness.:P


♥ Sunday, February 1, 2009
11:18 PM

I haven been blogging for the longest time ever.. Not dat im very busy or wat juz dat purely lazy to do so..Hahaha anyways now dat i haf some time to kill shall blog whatever dat comes to my mind which means dis is goin to be another random entry..

Well i shall start of with announcing to everyone that i haf gotten myself a new HP..Hahah though i totally din plan to buy a hp anytym soon but the circumstance had lead me into buying a new hp..My previous precious phone dropped n broke into pieces..Sobs:(
N to the suprise of my fly n even me i haf gotten myself a sony ericsson C902 hp, i was such a ardent fan of Nokia but i guess some people's influence were greater so yeah..Well im still gettin used to a Sony ericsson hp, it's not as bad as i tot is was..But 1 thing i cnt deny is dat i still prefer Nokia's camera...Though my current hp's camera is 5 megapixel vs my nokia 5610's camera which was only 3.2 megapixels..I still feel dat nokia's camera was wayyy better..Believe it anot i haf only taken like 3 pics since buying the phone which is NOT me..Haiz oh well but on a happier note, i haf gotten myself a new hp n m loving it:))

Hmm oh n im going on night today with my 2 lovelies, wat can get better than doing nite shifts wit ur buddies..Luking forward to a peaceful 3 nights ahead:)

N i haf yet to upload pics on my latest getaway with the fly which was on the 17 & 18 Jan..Went to Batam agn but this with the familyloves...N not forgettin the superbly gd massage, wld upload the pics either on friendsta or Fb weneva i get the time that is...

Alrights then im off to get a lil nap...Haf a great week ahead all n tke cre:))

PS: I miss all ur daily rantings n rumblings, be back soon safe & sound :)