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♥ Thursday, October 23, 2008
4:34 AM

Ahhh my blog seems so dead la...Goshhh
Anyways have been spending sum quality tym with the loved ones over last week, finally got to meet the bestie n managed to go for sum retail therapy:)
N then to nite safari - halloween horror with the fly, vel n malar...Muz admit dat it was darn good n i highly recoommend u pple to go:)
I'm sure lots of fun n terror wld be awaiting...
Oh n i haf done my deepavali shopping too, lyk finally sumthg got my eye..N it's a tube chuditar wich i wanted for this year n i got it:))
Though it's not those heavily sequined kinds but i juz lyk the unique design n wat more it's a TUBE:))
N watz keeping me luk forward to Nov wld be the short getaway with the bestie:))
All seems confirmed n i soooo can't wait, I so need a break reallyyyy, it's been so hectic the past few mths n now i juz can't waittttttt:))
So yeah n i realised dat i haf alot of friends whose b'dae falls on Nov...So many fellow scorpios ard me..Hahaha ok then shall end it here, gota edit the assignment wich is due cm..:)

So tke cre all n haf a great long weekend ahead:))

The normal pic:)
The classic pic:)

Ps: i tink it's a lil too late for regrets n comeback..Not going back there agn cuz i LOVE my life the way it is now..Perfect n im enjoying every bit of it...Nevertheless wish u all the best for ur future undertakings..Tc:)


♥ Wednesday, October 8, 2008
9:19 PM

This is a totally random post...Juz taking a break from studying n thus this boring entry..
Well thank god i recovered before examz, at least i cld mug peacefully without having a heavy head dat spins n a runny nose...hahha well fasting is goin to end soon too, n im so goin to treat myself to Thai express after this saturday..Hahah i so miss fish n chicken at this point of time la...

Oh n im so sowie to all my dearest ones that i cnt jalan raya wit u guys this yr cuz of my examz, but def make up for dat ok:(..We still haf a pending trip to Sentosa remember ? N well deepavali is nearing n im still yet to shop yet...Hopefully the next time i head to Tekka there wld be sumthg dat catches my eye..

Haiz i still haf a pending assgnment n presentation to tink abt, a mini holiday wich i haf yet to plan, deepavali preps n cleaning, outing with the bestie, sisters n colleagues....See so many things but so little time...Arghhh:(

Ok shall end dis rantings here n get back to the books..sighs

All u out there haf a great week ahead n tke cre:)

N to u Vel ,thank u so much for dat gift, totally unexpected n supersweet...:))

Ok shall dis random post with some random pics:)


♥ Friday, October 3, 2008
3:34 AM

My heart &..
... my Soul:))
Yipeee i haf gotten myself a new laptop:)) Lyk after 6mths finally, see law of attraction sooo works n im the living example...Lol:)

Ok guess i haf got nothing significant to blog abt, juz wish to recover asap before my exams at least..Gotta start mugging real soon if not im so dead...

Anyways haf a great weekend all n be healthy:))