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♥ Friday, August 29, 2008
10:05 PM

Ok since i haf some time on hand now, shall blog aby yesterday's dinner with the fly at Newton:))
Was a last min decision as we all realised that we wld all be free for dinner, so preya, dad n me went to pick up vickyloves from Kkh then over to Mt E hosp to pick up the mummyloves then drove off to Newton to haf dinner, actually it was more like a feast..Hahaha we were so full that we were almost dozing off on the way back home:))
I love such dinners wit my family, it cld be a totally simple affair, but the quality time spent wit my precious ones really makes my dae:))
N i shd thank my parents for makin it a weekly habit to haf dinner together n hope this practice wld last forever with all those additional sweetharts who wld be part of the fly in years to come:))
Ok then gotta go for now..Tke cre all n enjoy the weekends:))

Foolin ard while waitin for dad to pump petrol
LOL..Glutton family:P

Pipi loves:)
Daddyloves who refused to smile:)

No make-up + Post nite duty = Very black eye circles :P


4:04 AM

Yeah so my three nights are over...I muz admit this round was the best eva compared to my other cycles of night..Though i had admissions but i still managed to settle all my stuffs by 6am..N datz considered gd enuff for me:)
Though i still dun get how as a senior staff, u ken behave in dat manner...Despite noeing dat i had so many IVs around the clock, u still din even bother to help, i mean the least u cld do is to offer help...But u din though u so clearly noe dat it's ur responsibility to give the Ivs n do the hypocounts.. But Thank god i cld still manage to do all of em n still complete my work in time..
Haiz it's juz so sad dat i do haf such colleagues who are so not reasonable n not willing to lend a helping hand when in need...:((
But on a happier note, i still haf a couple of sweetharts at work who makes the place a better one to work at:))
N oh yeah forget to mention we passed the JCI audit- it seems dat the auditors mentioned that we were one of the best hospitals they haf audited on so far:))
Hahaha well well only the staff of ttsh noe wat stress we underwent weeks before the audit n on the audit week itself..N how we were continously tormented by our NOs...Argh and i was one of the few unlucky ones to be on thruout the entire 5 days..
Haha I still remembered on how hard i wld pray everyday for em not to audit our ward n guess wat - we were NOT audited..But the mental stress till fri was toturous and ..Okay shall not go there, anyways it's OVER:)))
Orites haf to get to back to the killer assignments..Argh i juz hate how it takes up most of my time now:(

Ok enuff of braggin for now, tke cre all n haf a great weekend ahead:)

Cnt deny on this:)))))))

One of my personal favs:)


♥ Saturday, August 23, 2008
3:48 AM

And i'm proudest daughter eva..Mummy juz makes us so proud of her all the time:))
For all her oustanding results and performance, and still being the best mother she can eva be to us...:)
Wat more ken i sae God's gift to us:))
Well she actually was featured in the papers on Aug 14, and for those who missed the article n wld love to read it...
I wld juz leave the link here, do help urselves pple:) http://www.straitstimes.com/Mind%2BYour%2BBody/In%2BThe%2BKnow/Story/STIStory_267638.html
And mummy all the best for ur future undertakings..N i pray dat u wld continue to Excel in ur Masters and ur Phd in years to come...Love u many many Mummy love:)))

N yeah moving on dis post is actually way longgg due..Hahaha it was an outing wit vel n my sis..N i gotta admit the food at Lau Pa Sat is commendable n all those crazy jokes n pics really made my day..:)) Anyways enjoy some of the totally crazy pics we took dat dat n mr.Vel din noe u were dis good at camwhoring..Bleah:P

N wat ken i sae at the end of the dae i cnt thank god enuff for all the blessings n the wonderful pple he haf blessed wit me...Thank u god seriously from the bottom of my heart:)


♥ Wednesday, August 20, 2008
8:19 PM

If there is anywhere in the world i wana go to now , dat wld haf to be on a CRUISE...
I dun mind if it's on Superstar Virgo or Superstar Aquarius but juz on a cruise...Argh neva haf i eva had such stong urge to go on a holiday before...
I juz feel i need a break la...Hmm so someone pls kidnap me and bring me on a cruise holiday..LOL:P
Enjoy the some of the pics below pple, and after viewing the pics makes me wana so go NOW!!!! Arghhhh :(

Ok i actually i haf even more significant things to blog abt than dis post....Hahah well shall blog abt em pretty soon..Tke cre all:))


♥ Tuesday, August 12, 2008
2:55 AM

So do u tink u noe me well enuff??

Dun ponder so much for dat qn, now u ken really noe so if u take my quiz:)))

So everyone n anyone feel free to take my quiz:)))

Caution: Do NOT press enter at ALL times esp so after entering ur name or after choosin an ans!!!

Haf fun all:))

Do u think u know me well enough??
1) Which speciality area am i currently working at?
Cardio Ward
Renal Ward
Neuro Ward
Geriatric ward

Powered By:



2:23 AM

Ok so finally all the other pics dat i haf been wanting to upload, i haf done it...Hahah such a relief :PP
Ok then enjoy the pics pple:)
Tke cre all n once agn haf a great week ahead:))


♥ Sunday, August 10, 2008
8:24 AM

Well i'm back again:) Happy Belated National Day:))

Dun tink i haf the time to upload the tons of pics i promised to upload, shall do dat in the next post ok..

For now shall update abt the happenings on 09/08/08...

Well really din had the mood to hang out n watch fireworks over at esplanade but since i oreadi promised my malar loves i had no choice but to drag myself:P

But muz admit did haf alot of fun wit the adorable ones:))

So met up at ard 6 oddish at cityhall n walked over at sum place near esplanade..N we were juz in time to view the aircrafts "stunts" haha all the past years i haf watched em in tv n tot it was nothin dat fascinating..But after watchin it live yesterday, i tot it was so super cool hahaha:)
Now i mite consider goin to watch next yr's NDP live , so if anyone has the tickets remember to count me in..:))
N the fireworks were so gorgeous, but it was not worth watchin it in such a crowded ,banglas infested, sardine packed situation..We were literally glued to each other n cld not even turn an inch..Argh totally hated that part almost suffocated n ran out off o2..Hahah mite sound a lil exaggerated but seriously it was horrible standin in such a environment..:(
Oh well after the fireworks we made our way to arab street for sheesha...Had alots of fun crapping n bitching n by the time im home i was super TIRED!!!

N today bein my off day, i spent it sleepin half the day thru hopin to compensate for all the lack of slp i had for the past week..So hopefully i wld be rejuvenated by tmr:))

N i managed to upload a few pics but as i promised wld upload the oher loads the next time..So datz all for now, Tc all n haf a great week ahead:)))

N to YOU thank u so much for all the time n effort..Totally appreciate it mr.Hersheys':))


♥ Monday, August 4, 2008
12:34 AM

Well Gd afternoon all:))

So much of fun i had over the last week- sweet suprises, weekends with the polymates n quality time wit the bestie n fly:))

Haiz after class has started, it's been like a mundane lifestyle, work , school , hm thaat kinda routine lifestyle:(

Haiz n tinking abt the assignments, presentations, examz makes me go bongus...

Ok shall braggin abt sch, let me blog abt the happier times..
Well it all started on thur nite after work , wen "sumone" came over to fetch me from work n gave me a superrrr sweet SUPRISE:))) Hahah sumthg wich i totally din see cuming but oh well i was taken aback..Hahah even tinkin of it now makes me giggle:)))

Well im juz a happier person now n wld def wana fell this way 4eva..Everythg seems to be moving in the right direction n guess it's juz a matter of time i wld noe:)))

Hahah well shall not go into great details cuz this "sumone" wld get to see my blog sooner or later..So if u eva read this a big BLEAH to u..hahaha"P

So movin on sat i get to meet up with my ex poly mates well though the entire class din cum down , a handful turned up n we juz had fun wit em..All the gossips, fun n laughter..haiz juz makes me wana get bk to poly la...:((

Hmm ok anyways on sun felt that my hair needs a revamp, i headed to the hairdressers' n when i was done wit it, i was so shocked by the end result..It was so super bright la..Argh i was so worried dat it luked awful ..But the sweet ones ard me said it was fine n it luked nice but me being the paranoid one was not convinced..Well today wen i get to work only wld i noe if dat colour is approved..Hahahah hmm let me luk like a notti gal for once..Hahah n after wich my sweet bestie picked me up from the saloon n we drove to newton for a hearty dinner n shoppin over at cityhall..:)
N i love such quality time with the bestie n all those heart-to -heart chats we had..I juz so love u tien hartisa:))

So yeah dat sums up the whole of last week, i wld upload the tons of photos wen time permits:))

Ok shall get a short nap now n wld get to indulge in some good indian food later over at muthu's curry with dat sweet "sumone" before i head for my night duty wich starts tonight:((

Pray for me dat i haf a peaceful 3 nights ahead :))

Tc all:)