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♥ Sunday, August 26, 2007
6:04 AM

Yeah im back after quite sometime..Anyways this week has been a rather happy one cuz i get to spend some quality time wit all my loved ones:)
On thur i met up wit my two lovelies - tien n ati though kin was missing..So we decided to meet to go town since it's been long since we went there..N as usual we had to fill up those hungry stomach of ours n then decided to walk ard abit, since all of us were tired decided to sit somwhere cosy and chat..
So off we went to Mccafe bought our drinks n cakes and chatted n chatted n chatted till it started to rain n somewhat the shelter was not good enuff to the rain fromm cumin in..Then we decided to leave n walk ard abit before heading bk hm..It felt so goos to see em both after a long tym, n gals we muz do it agn soon..It's with u gals that i ken ventilate better..Anyway i wld update pics later as my dearest tien have yet to send me the pics:)))

Then on Sat, my day stated quite bad when they told me dat one staff have taken MC, so i have to take charge of 9 patients all by MYSELF with no preceptor..Argh i was juz too worried if i cld cope but it was not bad afterall cuz my sister helped me to serve meds, yesh ken u believe it..Haha i myself cldn't believe it when i saw her servin meds for my patient..I was touched and said as many thanks as poss..Then my another colleague besides havin to juggle her 9 patients she bothered to check on me frquently to see how was i doing n helped to clear my doubts and even missed her break so that she ken countersign for my meds..I felt so touched once again, though work is hard this pple make my dae a batter one..So after work i headed to meet the bf haha he had his wisdon tooth extracted n cldn't tok much..Haha it was cute seeing him keep changin the gauze as it was bleeding quite abit..:P

So today i decided to dedicate the dae for my family, since they claimed that i neva spend time wit em ever since i started to work..But unfortunately dad cln't make it as he had work n my 2nd sis had sumthg on, So it was my mum, preya n mua n since all of us were craving for Thai express we cabbed down to bishan n indulged ourselves...Haha aft wich we walked ard abit n then we decided to have some ice-cream, having desserts after meals is a MUST for my family..So after much contemplation b/w swensens n Haagen-Dazs, we headed to Haagen-Dazs n ate our fills once agn...Haha how gulity i felt after eating so much today, haven't been exercising ever since i started work, shd hit the gym real soon..Anyways some pics on today's outing are below, enjoy....Ok pple im on am shift tmr so i shall go get some slp now..Gd nites n swt drms:)))

While waiting for our food to arrive:)

My mummy dearest n me:)

My smelly sissy n me:p

In the cab:))


My everything:)))


♥ Friday, August 17, 2007
8:57 AM

Well whoever who says or even thinks that nursing is such a easy job oR nursing is not a stressful job oR u dun haf to be smart to be a nurse deserves a slap hard on the face..Just try to be a nurse for one day and u wld noe how it feels...
So now being two weeks in the ward i oready feel lyk i need a break..There is juz so many things to learn and whicheva shift im in, im alwiz so busy..N my afternoons are neva free alwiz have admissions..Haiz well i guess it juz takes time before i can totally adapt n function independently...
Anyway on a lighter note it's my DO tmr, yeah so finally i ken slp till late morning..Sumhow my social life is so pathetic, i miss my friends n even my level 10 graduates..Haiz how i wish orientation lasts for 3 mths..hahaha ok then im feeling sleepy oready, i shall update soon when i get the time..Gd nite world:)))

Sumtyms i juz wonder if im really happy wit u.....


♥ Saturday, August 11, 2007
8:29 AM

Well today i was proved wrong..All the while i've been thinking dat morning shift on sats wld be a breeze but it was NOT!! I had one discharge, two patients on trachy and one patient on Evd n so dat was enuff to keep me on my toes the whole shift..
N i was practically so busy not only tying to finish my reports, serve medications, doing the new changes,trying to retain the skills my CI was teaching me but i had to also entertain the relatives who constantly wanted an update of their loved ones..
Haha and of all times they had to come after the in- charge drs were off call..Haiz but at the end of all i still managed to finish my reports on time..Well i guess if sat mornings are this bad then what more mon mornings...
Hmmmm well whatever it is at the end of the day i don't regret a single bit on choosing this career:)) Well so much so on work, today i managed to spend some quality time with my mum, eversince i started working i had less time for her..And today it felt so good being each others' company..Well i guess dat abt it for today next week i wld be officially in the ward taking charge of 9 patients, all the best to me:))
Shall update next week if and when time permits me..Enjoy ur weekend peeps, toodles:))))

My sisters and me..Im the oldest amg em but i luk lyk the youngest rite...Haha:)

My youngest sister n me..The one who demands a treat alwiz:)

My younger sister n me at a wedding reception:)

A random pic of me..N thanx Es for making pose for dis pic:))


♥ Wednesday, August 8, 2007
7:06 PM

Wah actually i din expect myself to blog again dis fast..But oh well now dat i f the tym i shall update on wat happened on Tue..We level 10 graduates decided to have a gathering together n we went for a buffet at sakura cusine at Toa Payoh..But the most upseting part was when we get there all hungry, they said it was not halal, n we had 3 malay friends with us..Haiz but bcuz there was no pork cooked, the 3 malay gals decided to proceed with the plan.. Well i can't say the food was very delicious, i wld only rate it as average..Haha n wat more the whole place was filled wit our loud laughters n conversations..Wherever we Level 10 gals are around, no place ken be quiet, We r juz too loud or maybe bcuz we r in neuro wards(pple alwiz sae dat neuro nurses are loud bcuz they do CLC very often)..Haha i had alotz of fun n hopefully we cld do sumthg lyk this agn..Ok then now shall let the photos do the talking...
The short gals dat i adore from 10c..
Crazy janice n me n can u spot a1/4 of eng..

LEvel 10 Graduates :))

At sakura cuisine :))

The LOUD gals i adore:))

My colleagues:)

Janice, me n nisa

My loud gal n me

N before i sign off HAPPY B'DAE SINGAPORE :)))


♥ Monday, August 6, 2007
3:54 AM

Yesh yesh i noe wat u pple mite be tinking FINALLY..Haha yea after dat much persuasions n constant reminders from every1 to create a blog, here i m:))) Well i dun noe if i can update my blog oftenly now dat im working,entered a new phase of my life...N not 4getting im on shift duty but i wld try to update as often as poss..N working life is not as easy as i tot, it is so much more demanding when u f to work wit so many diff pple with diff attitudes n personalities i guess i f to haf alot of patience to go thru it all..But there are a bunch of lovely gals in level 10 dat makes working life a more blissful one-n they are my dearest Janice,Eng sin,Nisa,Serene,Siti n kartini..Well intro em later wen i post the pics...N today i finally got to tok to my best friend from pri sch, we lost contact for lyk nearly to 7 years n yeah i juz cldn't stop laughin wen i was tokin her juz now..It all seems lyk a dream haha n we had so much to share..Haiz those were the days man..ok pple i guess datz all for today wana catch my chinese drama...Haha so till i blog next God bless all:)))

My graduation with mummy dearest n sis..:)

My level 10 lovelies..All 4 one,One for all :))
My besties :))

Yours truly :))