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♥ Tuesday, December 30, 2008
10:43 PM

How time flies, today wld be the last dae of 2008...Significant dae to blog rites..Hahaha been long since i last blogged..N all the pics dat i promised to upload im so sowie dun tink haf the tym to do so here..Those who are in my friendster or facebook list cld check up the pics there:)

Well 2008 has been rather a wonderful year despite it starting off quite badly but it's definitely ending the way i want it to be:))

I believe everthing dat happened did happen for a reason n it was such a blessing in disguise:)

I did new things. I met up with alot of beautiful new people. I went to new places. I learnt a lot more about myself. I learnt a lot more about others. I learnt a lot more about the world. I found happiness , in least expected ways. In my friends, in my loved ones.

I made sure I only did things I liked and enjoyed.People made me feel good about myself. Made me feel special. Made me feel absolutely loved..Wat more cld i ask for..

I haf got to thank God for all the blessings and guidiance..N now i'm luking forward 2009..I believe it wld be a even more wonderful n fabulous year full of happiness, peace n love:))

N before i end this post i wish everyone out there a very Happy New Year 2009..May all of ur wishes come true, be happy all year round & be in the best of health...Tke cre all n haf a blast..

Shall be back to blog again next year..Hahah:)))

Welcome 2009:))))))))))