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♥ Saturday, January 26, 2008
3:23 AM

The Ones who wld be still there by myside wen im old n grey :)))


♥ Friday, January 11, 2008
1:17 AM

I felt lyk the entire world came tumbling down on the 30th of DEC..Yesh it was juz 2 days to 2008 n while everyone was lukin forward to 2008, i was so NOT...It felt as though i lost everything im my life...
Yesh cld say i was suffering from depression as i juz forgot wat was hunger n slp was...It was a pain that words can never describe n it seemed lyk the most painful thing i eva experienced...

But it's all OVER n im recovering..N i thank GOD cuz he was the only thing that kept me going..:)) Anyways HapPy BelAted NeW Year..:)