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♥ Saturday, January 10, 2009
6:24 AM

Well this is officially my first post for 2009.. Wasn't really intending to update till i realised dat i haf an avid fan of my blog..Hahah n dat's none other than Nisa:)) So i shall update on the lil happenings in my life thus far, enjoy reading babe:))

Well i began this new year in the midst of my patients..Yesh was on nite duty from the 31st till 3rd of Jan..So i had to count down in my ward with four of my other colleagues n thank god at least fiqa was wit me..N i din feel dat horrible after all.. N the best part was we cld see the fireworks from one of the cubicles.. At least dat helped get us in the new year mood while all others were happily partying the new year away...Well fiqa n i promised dat we wld countdown for 2010 together again but def not goin to be in the ward agn..N believe it anot we actually already put up our request for a PH on 01012010...Hahaha:)

Well school wld resume soon in Feb so i better cherish n spend all my spare time wisely with all my loved ones cuz once sch starts i wld def be filled to the brim balancing btw work n school.. So all my loved ones quick date me before feb ok? hehe

Hmm well the sister's b'dae is next week n the fly is planning for a mini getaway to either to Batam or Cameron Highlands' over next weekend:))

So yeah at least there is something exciting to luk forward next weekend... :)

Oh n as of late my shoulders has been such a torture..Blame it on the super heavy working load n super heavy pts..Been having very painful stiff shoulders..

Even massages dun seem to help, haf applied the cool patch n hope it wld betta by tmr or mite considering goin for x-ray if the pain persists...:(
It cld be quite worrying wen some of my colleagues had to undergo ops cuz of this shoulder pains...keeping my fingers crossed dat mine wld not be a chronic prob n wld resolve real soon..

Ok i guess dats all for now, n i juz realised dat i haf been blogging abt totally random stuffs..Hope dis post dis bore u guys...
Haha ok then hope u guys wld haf a great weekend n tke cre all:))

Ps: N now it feels all diff n guess maybe im ready now:)))
Luking forward to an awesome 2009 :)