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♥ Monday, October 22, 2007
8:56 PM

Hey im back again...Yesterday i got to meet my dearest bachin fren eva..N it was such an impromptu
meeting but im glad we did meet up and managed to catch up so much on the happenings on each others' life and not forgetting the amt of gossipings we do....Haha
How i missed her so much n our poly days..haizz if only diploma was for 5 years haha...So my dearest bachin fren if ur reading this, we muz meet up soon okai!!!Muacks:)

In the school library for our neva ending group meetings:))

At sentosa n did i mention she is eva ready for a PHOTO regardless of any place or time..LOL:P

At skills lab, this is wat we wld be doing most of the times instead of practising..N tien do u remember this was the dae we did our psy presentation:)))

Yesterday at coffeebean :)))

And lastly if anyone spots my two other frens who have been MIA for so long, do drop me a mail kies:)))


♥ Saturday, October 20, 2007
6:48 AM

This time there is NO turning back...Im sorry!!!!

No matter what happens my smile wld remain at all times:)

♥ Wednesday, October 17, 2007
8:12 PM

Hmm my blog seems to be dying..Well i shall try to post randoms pics to revive it..Haha well time really flies so damn fast..It's oready 3 n a half mths ever since i haf started working..Hmm n datz juz so many things dat i have to do but keep procrastinating...
1. I so wana catch up with my dear friends whom i have not seen for over a mth:((
2. I need to have some retail therapy, have been missing on dat so so so much:(
3.Wana get my hair dyed asap, it's now half black n half brown..So fugly...:(
4. Wana start shopping for my deepavali clothes n head down to tekka n whack the dum briyani
5.Register for my basic theory, i so wana driveeeeeee soon:((
6.Head down to Jb n get a date to do my makeover...:((
7. Go away for a holiday n i dun mind even if it's juz for 3 dayss but i wana get out of dis place for a short while...
So see i juz got so many things to see to but wat i lack is the TIME....Hmm ok gotta go now, anyway wana wish my beloved muslim friends belated Selamat Hari Raya wishes..:)) I shall leave off with some random pics, cya:)))

Swensens choc fondue:)

A failed attempt to look Vogue :P

So now u noe where i inherited my looks:P

My daily essential:))

Nursing gives me black eye rings:(((

The crazy duos..:))

At ECP for bbq:))

The girl next door :))

The crazy gals i so Missssss :(