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♥ Friday, July 25, 2008
1:27 AM

Hey hey im back after such a long hiatus...Well haf been pretty busy wit alot of stuffs, hmm but it's not like im gona be more free after dis wk in fact im goin to be even more super busy now dat i haf commenced on my degree classes:)

Oh well i really ken foresee less outings, shoppin sprees n there goes my social life:(
But oh well as someone said all the sacrifices wld be worthwhile aft i get dat cert..So yeash wld endure..N hopefully i ken still mange to find sum tiny weeny time to still blog:))

N yesh for the past wk or so i been caught smilin n grinnin more ..hahah dun ask me y cuz im not sayin anythg juz yet..Wld def blog abt it if anythg diff happens..Hahahah

Well noticed a certain metamorphosis taking place within me..Oh well i wld juz noe wat exactly it leads to , it's juz a matter of time i guess...Hahahah n hope i wld continue to smile the way i haf been for the rest of my life:))

Ok shall go for now. gota get ready for class..So tke cre all :))


♥ Monday, July 14, 2008
8:20 AM


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♥ Monday, July 7, 2008
10:20 PM

Hahaha well cldn't really tink of a topic to blog abt, so i tot i shall take the risk n upload of all the pics where i juz cldn't smile properly n had to make a fool of myself..I noe i had many of such pics but shall upload of wateva i cld find..So yeah enjoy all the crazy sides of me..Tc all:)


10:01 PM

Yeah finally a new blogskin:))

Ok hope i wld haf NO complains on how my entry space is too small, now it's big enuff to see my entire post..N credit goes to preyaa..Thanks n u noe wat pipi i still haven grasp on how to change it still..hahah bleah:P

Anyways i wanted to blog on how horrible the third day of my night duty was..But u all noe wat a PROCRASTINATOR i am..hahah nvm i shall do it as briefly as poss n i wonder if i ken sill remember all the details..

1st nite- Most imptly full house, i had only 4 hypocounts(1st time in history 4 me), 3 Iv meds..See such a peaceful night:)

2nd nite- Had one empty bed but guess wat I had no admissin thru the entire freakin nite(which neva eva happened to me before cuz my nite surely muz admit one), still only 4 hypocounts n only 2 Ivs..So see another peaceful nite:))

3rd n the most busiest nite in my entire nursing life - Chest tubes, trachy, Pt on ventilator, C/o SEVERE chest pain, countless ABGs n blood cultures i despatched dat nite, Ecgs, hrly hypocount, Continuous insulin infusion, hrly para, desatuartion, pt turning violent, a near missed fall,two admissions, Fever at 39.6, started takin parametres at 11.30pm, started writing report at 3am..Omg cldn't tink of worser nite than dis before..Did not even get a chance to eat or less to sae drink..Argh at the end of the nite i was almost dead with the aching feet..Thank god my last nite, if nottt cnt imagine..
N luckily i had great colleagues wit me dat nite who helped me thru...N i survived thru it all:))