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♥ Saturday, May 10, 2008
4:48 AM

Well it's not dat i din kip my promise to update frequently but it's juz dat i was juz too ill to do so...
Was down with the so horrible URTI with the never subsiding fever, n first time out of the 9 mths of working life i took MC n dat too for 2 days...But wat cld i do, i cldn't evn walk with the fever fluctuatin from 38.6 to 39, my head feeling so heavy..Gosh my days MC was spent in the bed just sleeping, Haiz n at least today im much better guess the augmentin helped..N tmr is mother' day n im working pm..So sad:((
Hmm well no matter wat i still LOVE my mum all the same, n i cldn't ask for a better mum than mine..I LOVE U WITH ALL MY HEART MUM..MUACKS:))

Ps: I juz duno wat it is dat u want? the more i move away, the more u cum..juz wat do i do?

♥ Saturday, May 3, 2008
7:44 AM

Yeah finally after such a long tym i hf the weekends off:))

Though i din really haf plans but it's nice enuff to juz stay at home n spend sum quality tym with my frens n family...

Well yesterday, i had an impromptu outing with siti,eng n lenny...I juz suggested it out of the blue to go out aft work n they all agreed..N it was so sweet of em to wait till i finish work at 9.30..Thank u for being such darlings..N aft dat followed non-stop bitching abt almost everythg n anythg...Hahaha hmm but i miss janice, we shd really mit up soon la gal n oso nisa guess we haf to fly to aus to bitch..Hahaha

N today managed to catch a movie with my sis n fren & oso quality time with the family, went out for a delicious seafood dinner(i still prefer the chilli crab to the peper ones:P) followed by chilling at Sembawang beach with ice-cream,satays n rojak..Yesh my family do haf a large appetite..N yesh dat sums up for today..
N as for tmr plan to go to JB, nid to collect my makeover portfolio..Excited:)))
I shd haf started studying for my FTT long long ago n i juz kept procrastinating, n now im left with only 3 more days..Ok i shall start as soon as i post this blog..Tke cre all n enjoy ur weekends:))

The sistas at Semb beach:))

Ms.Small eyes n me:)
Our usual crazy selves:))

Me, eng, siti n lenny:))
Malar sweets n me:))

♥ Thursday, May 1, 2008
7:09 AM

Before headin to bugis:))
tini n me during break:)
me, my sis n gayatri at vivo:))
Sit's n my love for Addidas:)
Thank god i had a partner for my bladder scan course:)
We had to kill tym:)
Anna n me:)
I feel so tall:))

At pastamania:))
Me, donna n naresh - luk at our shagged faces!! (SPOT Eng at the back.. Hehe!!)
Amporn the hot babe n me:)
While waiting for train:)
Wanie my teddybear n me:))